Estate Administration Service

When someone dies, you’ll need to get the legal aspects right to deal with their property, money and possessions (their ‘estate’)

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Dealing with Probate

When somebody dies, their estate has to be dealt with. A person’s estate can be made up of money, property and possessions, stocks and shares. The person may also have debts which need to be settled and the funeral arrangements made. There are two methods of dealing with an estate.


We offer a face to face service either in our office, at your home or at a hospital.


We can also offer affordable advice on Inheritance Tax, Trusts for minor’s and Disabled beneficiaries.

Secure Storage

We also offer FREE storage of Wills and Deeds in our strong room.

Gaining a Grant of Representation

A grant of representation can sometimes be known as a ‘grant of probate’, ‘letters of administration’ or ‘letters of administration with a will’. It will allow for the normal legal process to proceed.

Ask a question about dealing with probate or an estate at your own pace