Making a Will is easy

Your will lets you decide what happens to your money, property and possessions after your death.

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Do you need a will?

Making a Will is a very important decision, and yet only 30% percent of the population will have made one. You can ensure that your wishes are carried out and you can leave your assets after you die to the person or people you want to most.


We offer a face to face service either in our office, at your home or at a hospital.


We can also offer affordable advice on Inheritance Tax, Trusts for minor’s and Disabled beneficiaries.

Secure Storage

We also offer FREE storage of Wills and Deeds in our strong room.

Appointing a Guardian

If you are married and have small children, you may wish to appoint Guardians in the event of you and your partner dying. Equally if you are unmarried and live with your partner it is particularly important, as the law does not recognise partners who live together as having the same rights as a spouse.

Ask a question about making a will or appointing a guardian at your own pace